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Charlie, at just 5 years old, came into rescue in October 2008, along with 24 other puppy mill kids. Carla, our President and founder, drove 4 hours, by herself, to pick up the 25 kids, and deliver them to an intake facility. Of the 25 pups, Charlie was the only one that tried to bite her, as he was transferred from dirty wire cages into comfort-lined kennels. It was love as first (almost) bite. Charlie is a 7 year old dapple. Piebalds do not have dappling and there is no such term as "ticking" in the color stardards. The little red spots are called "dappling," making Charlie a Dapple. ;O) But, because he is mostly piebald, most consider his beautiful coloring as piebald.

At the intake there were 2 volunteers per dog, helping give baths, clip nails and hold them, before they ventured to their foster homes. Charlie was probably the most traumatized by the entire event. By the time his processing was done, his volunteers had blood, urine and feces all over their clothes. And, not all the blood was from the bites they got; much of it was from cutting his nails so short, without regard to cuticle growth. The inexperienced volunteer, clipping his nails, made at least 1 toe on every paw bleed. Poor Charlie.

Carla took Charlie to his new foster without incident. The next morning she was called by the foster. Charlie had bitten his foster mom so hard, as she tried to take him outside to potty, that she had to get stitches. But, his foster mom was more concerned for Charlie, and she continued to work with him, despite his fears, hoping to win his trust.

Within a few weeks, Charlie was adopted. The family that adopted him proclaimed to have experience with fear-biters and thought that he would adapt quickly with their family. The transporter reported that Charlie bit them, but luckily no stitches were required. In less than 2 weeks, Charlie was heading back to the rescue, as the adopters reported that Charlie bit both the husband, the wife, their 2 kids, the 2 sibling dogs, the neighbor and his wife, their kids and their neighbors dogs (that's the short list).

Charlie was in trouble! There were no fosters willing to take him in, not even his original foster family. Carla did not hesitate, and met the transport, taking Charlie home. That was over 2 years ago.

Today, Charlie is less fearful, but still retains his fear of strangers. However, he made great strides as he would approach strangers, even the inexperienced volunteer that made him bleed, and lick their hands. Of course, he'd make a quick escape if they attempted to touch him. And, he'd snap at them, if they persisted. But, he loves to play with his foster pals, until one of them decides to cause problems. Charlie likes to be the alpha leader.

Charlie had to be returned to the original rescue, when requests to allow him to remain with HHDR as a Sanctuary Sweetheart were denied. Upon delivery of Charlie to the boarding facility, he promply snapped at everyone, urinated and defecated on himself, and had to be tethered by the one person that believed in him, and literally dragged down the hall, to await transport. We were sad to see him go, after 2 years of watching him grow. But, we're hopeful that his progress has allowed him the mental freedom to accept a new home. Time will tell.

It takes Charlie a little time to feel confident, and he will appear calm. He may even play and act like a normal pup. However, we know that once Charlie feels "home" he is 100% alpha and will protect himself from attacking foster-siblings with a vengence. And, he tends to jump in the middle of barking incidents, if he thinks the barker is being dominant. Take a good look at his tatered ears. He did not earn those scars in rescue. He earned them during the 5 years he was the dominant alpha at the puppy mill.

Charlie is a wonderful little Dachshund. We hope he finds a great home, someday. He's been waiting for over 2 years for the right family. And, we are proud that all the work we did with him has given him a new 'edge' in having a greater chance of being adopted.

Sadly, Charlie was PTS, by the rescue, for his fear aggression.

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