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On a cold, misty October day in 2009, Macy was 10.5 years old and looking for a new foster home. After being retired from a life of breeding, Macy went from foster to foster, as no one could house train her. She was 10 pounds and shaking like a leaf, when she was dumped into the lap of Ms. Shirley. Shirley took the blanket from around her own shoulders and curled Macy up in it, holding her and petting her, until she stopped shivering; falling asleep.

Ms. Shirley waited from someone to take Macy, as the mist started to turn into rain and everyone was ready to leave the event in the park. No one came to claim her, so Ms. Shirley took Macy home with her.

That night, before she got home, Shirley took Macy to Petco and bought her a sweater. She knew the weeks to come were only going to get colder; and Macy's frail little bones were not liking the cold, at all.

Shirley was told it would be just temporary until a foster home could be found. Meanwhile, Shirley worked to house-train Macy, which was her only fault, according to the rescue. Macy only had one accident, so training was never an issue.

In the next couple of months, Shirley delighted in the antics of Ms. Macy. For an old girl, who was suppose to be shy, Macy was into everything! So much so, that Shirley joked one day that Macy's new name should be "Macy No" as that was what Shirley said at every turn.

Macy wanted to explore everything in her new home. It was the first time she really had 100% freedom to roam around and just be the beautiful little dachshund that she is. Her favorite thing in the world is to unload the laundry or shopping bags. Macy has to ensure that every item hidden is un-hidden and inspected.

Over the months, Macy loved to put on her clothes, as they kept her snuggly warm. And, she would wait by the door for her coat, to go outside. She loved her outfits so much, that Shirley decided to sew some outfits herself; as clothes from the store never seemed to fit right and cost too much.

Before long, Macy No had an outfit for every day of the week; special occasions and even football outfits. After all, her pals Peanut and Buddy had outfits, and everyone had to match when they were out and about.

Ms. Shirley and Macy went to every single event that the rescue had, and they attended lots of sports events, where Shirley worked. Macy was becoming quite popular, and had gained weight; so Shirley bought Macy her own stroller for those long events.

People were just amazed at how cute Macy was in her stroller and special outfits. Pretty soon, people were buying the outfits right off of Macy's back. So, Shirley had to bring spare ones so that Macy had something to wear, when that happened (and it happened all the time!).

Because of the popularity of the clothes Shirley made for Macy, a clothing line was made, called "Macy No Designs" that specialized in Dachshund outfits.

Ms. Shirley and Macy No were one of the most popular rescue dogs, well known by local businesses, rescues and anyone that loves to see a happy, spoiled little girl. Then, an unexpected thing happened; someone called to see Ms. Macy, to possibly adopt her. Shirley's heart sank! When she talked with the person that wanted Macy, Shirley asked "Why Macy?" The response was, "because she was the cheapest on the list of dogs" because the rescue discounted the seniors.

Ms. Shirley had grown to LOVE Ms. Macy No and was just devastated to hear someone reduce Macy's value to being nothing more than a few bucks.

Shirley adopted Macy that same day! Shirley already knew Macy was a part of the family and she was never going to allow anyone to take her away from her home. That was more than 2 years ago. Today, Macy is the Deva she was always meant to be; with her own clothing line, access to all the bags she desires to empty; and lots of friends that come to visit her on a regular basis. She's an ambassador for many rescues, including Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue. Check out her clothing line in our store!
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