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Delilah's story began in MO, where she was deposited on the steps of a no-kill rescue, with a note. They stated how "loved" she was, despite being injured 6 months prior, but that her family could not care for her anymore.

We worked with the rescue to give Delilah a safe home where she could receive daily care and therapies, to address her condition, as the rescue did not have the resources available to help her in her day-to-day needs, as well as therapies.

So, the rescue reached out to us, as we had experience with IVDD kids at our house; and they got her measured for a custom cart and headed to our house. Delilah arrived with evidences of healing burns on her inner thighs and belly, which she received prior to being deposited at the rescue, in a tiny cat carrier. Her former family had purchased a home-made cart for her, but it was about 6 inches too tall. Delilah would fall over at every turn.

Despite her condition, Delilah was, and is, a very happy, well-adjusted little girl. Although her home-made cart did not serve her well, it did give her an edge when her new cart came in.

We did daily water therapies, stretching and flexing exercises, as well as endurance walks. Delilah took to everything like a little champ! Her favorite thing was water therapy in the pool, as this allowed her rear end to float, and she was able to walk around the pool on her own.

Delilah is a great companion and follows her person, without a lead. She has visited nursing homes, attended special events and even tried her paws at racing in Columbus. But, she's not interested in racing, she just loves the company of other dogs and people.

Like all the IVDD kids here, Delilah loves her freedom, but that was very limited as any contact dragging, on any surface, would cause drag burns on her belly and inner thighs. So, with the help of Macy No Design's Owner, Shirley Portis, Delilah was fitted with several scoot bags, giving her the freedom to run around, wrestle and play with the other pups, and enjoy just being a dog!

Delilah was denied sanctuary with our rescue and remains in boarding care. We hope that someone will see her and fall in love, taking her home, where she belongs. She'll just need regular expressions of her bladder and bowel. But, that's nothing compared to the limitless love she gives in return. Delilah is a gentle, compassionate little girl, who deserves a great home.

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