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We got a call from a shelter in South-Central Nebraska about an emaciated dachshund that needed help.

They sent us the picture below. We drove over an hour to get him. Upon arrival they showed us all of the photos they had. It was heartbreaking and made us sick to our stomach. The picture below was the least heart-wrenching of all the photos.

The people had only had him for 6 months, having adopted him from a shelter when he was a pup. This is what they did to him in that short time.

The shelter took immediate action with Ceelo, taking him to the vet to get sub-Q fluids for dehydration and food, along with other medications for the infections and parasites. Ceelo at less than 1.5 years old was living at the end of a tether, literally starving to death.

Once healthy enough to leave the hospital, he came to Carla, to continue healing, both physically and emotionally.

As with most of the dogs that Carla has worked with, that suffered malnutrition or emaciation, Ceelo was a food hoarder. In fact, he would vacuum his food in seconds flat. This is dangerous for any dog, as it could cause "bloating" which can occur when a dog eats too fast and intakes too much air.

Until Ceelo came to terms with the fact that he would be getting regular meals, and enough to satisfy his hunger, he had to be fed separate from the other dogs. In addition, we bought him a special "slow feed" bowl to help him adjust his eating habit of vacuuming the food.

In the months that Ceelo was here, he not only learned to eat slower, he no longer felt the need to over-eat, scarfing the food from other pup's bowls. His body was developing nicely, filling out in all the right places. As he got over the food hump, he then needed to get over a slight OCD issue, as well.

Similar to other pups that are confined for long periods of time, or have difficulties adjusting to new environments, Ceelo would chase reflections and shadows. His condition, in this area, was not nearly as severe as we've seen; And, Ceelo was quick to resolve this emotional displacement.

Once we got Mr. Ceelo back to par, this little 2 year old became the 1 year old puppy he was originally adopted as. He would nascar, play tug-o-war, and delighted in the hide-and-seek game, when he didn't want to do something. His energy was amazing compared to his initial condition!

Ceelo was transferred to a new foster home, and we are certain that he will make a very active family, with kids, very happy, for a very long time!

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