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Angie came into rescue from being dumped in the center of a small IA town. It was just 2 days before Christmas, cold, windy and predictions of more snow on it's way.

Angie seemed perfectly fine. However, in mid January, Angie suffered a devastating blow when she fell off a couch and a disc in her back blew out. As is a standard, Carla picked Angie up and drove her 3 hours to Kansas State, where she was rushed into surgery. 100% of Angie's vet bills were paid by special donations made to her rescue, by the generosity of the public. The extra money went to help other dachshunds in need.

In light of the pending Winter Storm, and the fact that Carla, our founder and President, had experience working with downed IVDD dachshund, K-State allowed Angie to come home a week early! We were thrilled and so was Angie!

Okay, she doesn't look so thrilled, but she's on heavy pain killers and other meds following her surgery.

For the first month, Angie had to be walked, using a sling, so she could do her business outside. She is fully house trained and never lost bladder/bowel control. So, with every bark or whimper, we put on the Winter duds and headed outside.

For many weeks, we would lower and raise Angie, with the sling, as it took quite a while for her to regain her ability to feel the ground. So, when her legs raised up, we lowered her down.

Angie received daily stretching and flexing therapies. When her incision finally healed, and we got the green-light from her doctor, she added daily water therapy. Carla bought Angie a water safety vest and converted her hot tub to a cool tub, which became Angie's personal spa.

Angie enjoyed her water therapies, but often got a little lazy, letting the vest do the work for her. So, every other therapy she did her therapy without the vest.

After about a week, Angie was showing great improvements in her muscle reflexes and movements. Even in her regular potty breaks, she started to make 'walking' movements with her legs. It took a month for her to be able to support her own weight on her hind legs.

After 1 month of kennel rest and daily water and exercise therapies, Angie adds walking to her daily routine. She's doing fantastic, making progress toward a full recovery.


Angie continued to improve over the months and when she was adopted, a few months later, she was running, bouncing and just as perfect as she could be. She still cannot and should not climb stairs or jump up and down from/on furniture, but she's learned to ask when she'd like to be up/down/over. :O)

The family that adopted her is wonderful. She is living the high life with her very own acreage, to include a brother and young man to play with, a guardian angel that keeps the house safe from country critters; and, her own personal camping area with a pond!

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