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Fostering for Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue

Are you willing to open your home to a Dachshund in Need? Or, maybe you can foster another breed? Or, a cat? We'd love to match you up with the many dogs and cats that are desperate for a place to hang out until their forever home finds them!!

Please read our "What is fostering" document, to prepare yourself for what all is entailed in fostering a dachshund that has been abandoned, abused or surrendered. Understand that it is rare that a dachshund in a rescue will be free from certain issues. Puppies are the only exception, and are rarely surrendered, rescued, or abandoned without their having some medical or behavioral issue of some kind.

If you are ready to foster, please download and fill out an application to foster.

Click here for PDF format

Once your application is received, we will process your reference. If approved, we will then schedule a home visit with you, to evaluate where the dog will be spending it's time eating, playing, sleeping, as well as where they will be when you're not home.

This is not an inspection of lifestyle, but rather an evaluation for the safety and well being of both the dachshund and your family. Please use this time to ask questions and talk about all that is entailed with fostering, what your responsibilities are, and any concerns that you might have.

All foster dogs will be fully-vetted to include vaccinations, heart worm testing, spay/neuter and dental work, as needed. We ask that you provide the food, water, shelter and especially love, giving your foster a sense of "home" in preparation for their finding a forever home.

You will be required to sign a hold-harmless agreement prior to your receiving a foster dog. This ensures that you understand and acknowledge the potential issues that your foster may present, and you will hold Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue Harmless for any damages or injuries that may be caused by your foster or other incidents of damage that may occur as a result of your fostering situation.

We do our best to match the behavior and emotional levels and needs of each dog to their foster family. We will not simply give you a dog, based on looks. For your and the foster dogs best interest, your family and living situation must be the "best fit" for the foster dog.